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World of Big Brother

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World of Reality TV • Latest Update: Wednesday 30th October 2013
• Everything in one place: Big Brother, Survivor, Star Academy, I'm A Celebrity, The Farm, X Factor & Others.
• All information here can also be found in the separate sites listed below.
• Contains: 19,507 pages; 558 editions (Total website).

World of Forum • Click here to go to the forum.
• Everyone is welcome to be part of the forum.
• Read the rules, register your username and post away.
• Launched 26th January 2010.

World of Big Brother • Latest Update: Wednesday 30th October 2013
• This is place to go for all Big Brother info. Has details of every Big Brother edition worldwide.
• Current shows: Australia, Bulgaria, India & Portugal.
• Contains 10,391 pages, covers 273 editions, launched 21st August 2005.

World of Survivor • Latest Update: Tuesday 25th May 2010
• Details of current and recent Survivor and Celebrity Survivor editions worldwide.
• Current shows:
• Contains 2,488 pages, covers 68 editions, launched 10th April 2009.

World of Academy • Latest Update: Monday 21st June 2010
• Covers the singing reality format known as Operación Triunfo / Star Academy / Fame Academy.
• Current shows:
• Contains 781 pages, covers 22 editions, launched 4th April 2009.

World of Other Reality TV • Latest Update: Monday 19th July 2010
• This section covers talent reality shows like Idol, Got Talent, X Factor, Dancing With Stars, Dancing On Ice and others.
• Current shows:
• Contains 669 pages, covers 23 editions, launched 9th November 2009.

World of Other Reality TV • Latest Update: Tuesday 20th July 2010
• Shows that are not part of the other websites. TAR, Mole, Farm and many more.
• Current shows:
• Contains 1,361 pages, covers 49 editions, launched 11th April 2009.

World of Archives • Archive Site - Not updated
• This is the old website. All pages will eventually be converted to the separate websites listed above.
• Current shows: None.
• Contains 3,717 pages, covers 124 editions.

World of Blog • Archive Blog - Not updated
• This is the old blog. New blog posts are now located in the Forum.
• Current shows: None.
• Contains 276 posts, launched January 2009.

World of The Bar • Site Launches: March 2011
• This site will have details of every edition of Bar. At the moment all details are located in World of Archives.
• Current shows: None.
• Contains 1 page, covers 0 editions.